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DBL MX-U Series UPS Backup Power for Outdoor Traffic Control Signals

The DBL MX-U Series UPS provides reliable backup power for outdoor traffic control signals, signage and CCTV security systems.

Isolation, full power conditioning, filtering and surge protection

LCD(1) display for status and control management

LCD(2) display of AC interruption history and UPS hour counter

Adjustable delay timer, up to 100-hours

RS232 communications

Dry contact relays for timer, fault and low battery



RatedVac InVac OutBattery VdcStandardData Sheet
800 - 2000 W90 - 150 Vac100 - 127 Vac36 / 48 VUL 1778EnSp

Sealed VRLA and AGM Batteries


FM Series – Small

FM Series – Regular 

FMH Series – Front Terminal

FML Series – High Cycle

GFM Series – 2V

Solar Series – Deep Cycle 

Gel Battery Series – AGM

Sealed VRLA and AGM Batteries

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