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Keatec T Series UPS

10 – 100 kVA 3 Phase

Online double conversion Mini Tower UPS

Smallest footprint on the market

Clean Power Factor 1.0 output

Color display

Parallel up to four units

Fast three stage battery charging

Matching battery cabinets for extended runtime backup


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Keatec T Series UPS

RatedVacIn/OutPFDisplayBatteryStandardsData Sheet
10-20kVA208 Vac3ph/3ph1.0Color 2.4Internal/ExternalUL 1778EnSp
10-20kVA208 Vac3ph/3ph1.0Touch Color 7.0ExternalUL 1778EnSp
25-100kVA208 Vac3ph/3ph1.0Touch Color 7.0ExternalIEC62040-1, IEC 60950-1EnSp

Keatec C Series UPS

The C Series UPS has the highest output power factor on the market and one of the widest AC input ranges. C Series has a small footprint and is very low weight for a cabinet design.

50 – 300 kVA 3 phase 

Transformer-less online double conversion 

Power Factor 1.0 output

Dual input: static and manual bypass (maintenance)

Redundant parallel operation of up to 4 units

Color touch screen with real-time energy flow diagrams

PC management software 

Matching Battery Cabinets are also available

Keatec C Series UPS

RatedVacIn/OutPFDisplayBatteryStandardsData Sheet
50-300kVA208 Vac3ph/3ph1.0Touch Color 7.0ExternalIEC62040-1-1EnSp

Keatec UDE Series UPS

6 and 10 kVA Vac Output

Online double conversion UPS tower

Clean power, low energy consumption

Parallel redundancy

Integrated maintenance bypass switch

Built-in charger up to 10A

Matching UDE Series Battery Tower for extended backup runtime

Keatec UDE Series UPS

6 - 10 kVA120 Vac1Ph/1PhInternal/External PackEnSp

Sealed VRLA and AGM Batteries


FM Series – Small

FM Series – Regular 

FMH Series – Front Terminal

FML Series – High Cycle

GFM Series – 2V

Solar Series – Deep Cycle 

Gel Battery Series – AGM

Sealed VRLA and AGM Batteries

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