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Startup and Commissioning

Preventative Maintenance – Batteries

Preventative Maintenance – UPS

System Capacity and Performance Audit


Startup and Commissioning

Professional planning can ensure that new equipment operates efficiently and integrates correctly with other electrical systems’

  • Requirements review and development
  • Installation supervision and sub-trade submittal reviews
  • Schedule management
  • System startup and acceptance testing
  • Monitoring set up
  • Operating documentation
  • Personnel training
  • Maintenance plan


– Single point of contact during the project

– Proper set up and commissioning helps keeps utility bills and maintenance costs low

– Documentation and personnel training helps workforce operate new power equipment safely

– Expert advice helps avoid costly early system issues and allows for the quick startup of new equipment due to decreased rework and fewer change orders

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Preventative Maintenance - Batteries

‘UPS runtime can be greatly reduced by a single degraded battery that adversely affects the performance of the entire string’

  • Battery state-of-health ‘testing’
  • Discharge testing
  • Temperature checks
  • Inspection for leaks and corrosion
  • Clean and tighten connections


– UPS availability and performance improves when its supported by healthy batteries

– Costly emergency repairs and lost business revenue are avoided when batteries are proactively replaced before a failure

– Best practices are followed with the removal and recycling of spent batteries

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Preventive Maintenance - UPS

‘Most equipment breakdowns are due to a lack of maintenance’

  • Analyze alarm history
  • Inspection of fans and filters
  • Tighten connection points
  • Examine power capacitors for leaks and expansion
  • Check sub-assemblies for heat discoloration
  • Clean internal and external areas
  • Review compliance to factory field change notices


– Mean time between failure (MTBF) is increased when regular maintenance is performed

– Power system availability is dramatically increased when potential problems are removed

– Less unplanned downtime due to regular inspection of a UPS and its critical components 

– Lower total cost of ownership results from a maintenance program that optimizes system performance and minimizes emergency repairs

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System Capacity and Performance Audit

‘Businesses grow, technology changes, and eventually systems require upgrading or replacement’

  • System Capacity Audit
  • Performance Review
  • Upgrade Assement
  • Fault Cause Discovery
  • Surge and Ground Protection Review
  • Cooling System Review


– Eliminate faults and performance issues causing downtime and lost revenue

– Cost-effectively extend the life of assets with an upgrade or expansion

– Enhance bottom line performance by enhancing system efficiency and reliability

– Restore system to full backup runtime with fresh batteries

System Capacity and Performance Audit Data Sheet EnSp